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Table 1 The thrombophilic profile of the 49 women who belonged to the thrombophilic group.

From: The impact of close surveillance on pregnancy outcome among women with a prior history of antepartum complications attributed to thrombosis: a cohort study

Single thrombophilia No. Combined thrombophilia No.
Factor V Homozygote 1 Factor V Heterozygote + MTHFR homozygote 4
Factor V Heterozygote 15 Factor V Heterozygote + Protein S deficiency 3
Factor II Homozygote 0 Factor V Homozygote + Protein S deficiency 1
Factor II Heterozygote 5 ANT III deficiency + MTHFR homozygote 1
MTHFR homozygote 7 Protein S deficiency + Protein C deficiency 1
Protein C deficiency 0   
Protein S deficiency 3   
ANT III deficiency 0   
Antiphospholepid antibodies 8   
  1. MTHFR = methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase.
  2. ANT = antithrombin.