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Figure 6

From: Steroid hormone regulation of EMP2 expression and localization in the endometrium

Figure 6

Estradiol induces cytoplasmic expression of EMP2. Mice were injected daily with estradiol for up to 5 days. Tissue was harvested at days 1, 2, and 4 of treatment or 3 days following estradiol treatment, processed for immunohistochemistry and stained with EMP2 antisera (A-D) or preimmune serum (E). (A) 24 hours of estradiol treatment; (B) 48 hours of estradiol treatment; (C) 4 days of estradiol treatment; (D) 3 days following estradiol treatment. (E) Representative isotype control at 48 hours of estradiol treatment. 100× (left side) and 400× (right side) images are provided. The experiment was repeated 3 times, and representative images are shown.

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