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Figure 3

From: Steroid hormone regulation of EMP2 expression and localization in the endometrium

Figure 3

Progesterone induces EMP2 expression in RL95-2 cells. (A) Western immunoblots for EMP2 from extracts of RL95-2 cells cultured for 72 h with 25 μM progesterone (P), 20 μM estradiol (E), P plus E, P plus 100 nM mifepristone, or a vehicle control (VC; ethanol). Western immunoblot for β-actin was used as a loading control. (B) Western immunoblots from hormone-treated RL95-2 cells were quantitated for EMP2, normalized for β-actin, and data from three or more experiments were tabulated for mean and SEM. *Changes in EMP2 expression between progesterone treatment and the vehicle control were significant, p = 0.03. (C) RL95-2 cells were cultured with the indicated concentrations of progesterone (P) for 72 h, and EMP2 and β-actin expression were detected by Western immunoblots. (D) Quantitative analysis of the EMP2 response to varying concentrations of progesterone, performed as described in (B). *Changes in EMP2 expression were significant compared to the vehicle control, p < 0.05. All experiments were repeated at least 3 times with similar results.

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