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Figure 2

From: Steroid hormone regulation of EMP2 expression and localization in the endometrium

Figure 2

Steroid hormones induce EMP2 mRNA expression in RL95-2 cells. (A) Validation of hormone receptor status of RL95-2 cells. Cell extracts were processed by SDS-PAGE and Western blot for detection of EMP2, ER, and PR protein expression. (B and C) Temporal effect of hormone treatment in RL95-2 cells on EMP2 mRNA. RL95-2 cells were cultured with 20 μM estradiol and/or 25 μM progesterone. After 1–12 h, extracts from hormone-treated cells were obtained, mRNA was isolated, and EMP2 transcript levels were quantitated by quantitative RT-PCR. Results are expressed as the percentage increase of EMP2 over the vehicle control, and represent the average of 3 independent experiments. Error bars are SEM; p values were calculated by ANOVA. (B) EMP2 mRNA expression in response to progesterone or estradiol are alone. (C) EMP2 mRNA expression in response to a combination of estradiol and progesterone.

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