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Figure 8 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Figure 8

From: Characterization of EN-1078D, a poorly differentiated human endometrial carcinoma cell line: a novel tool to study endometrial invasion in vitro

Figure 8

Invasion assay and expression of MMPs and TIMPs mRNA in EN-1078D. A) EN-1078D cells showed capacities to increase their invasiveness by 2 fold induction when they were stimulated with TGF-β3. B) The cell line expresses MMP-2 and 14 while MMP-9 was not detected. The signal for MMP-2 is stronger for EN-1078D cells than for the positive control used. C) Both TIMPs expressions were detected but TIMP-2 signal is weak. Data shown are representative of results obtained from three independent assays.

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