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Figure 6 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Figure 6

From: Characterization of EN-1078D, a poorly differentiated human endometrial carcinoma cell line: a novel tool to study endometrial invasion in vitro

Figure 6

Determination of EN-1078D sensitivity to cisplatin (left panel) and doxorubicin (right panel). A, D) 24 hours of exposure to compounds B, E) 48 hours and C, F) 72 hours. Both Hela and EN-1078D are sensitive to cisplatin after 24 hours in contrast to KLE, which is chemoresistant. The three cell lines seem not to be affected by doxorubicin after exposure of 24 hours. KLE is more resistant than other cells lines for both 48 and 72 hours. Data shown are representative of results obtained from three independent assays.

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