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Table 3 Uterine genes regulated in normal mouse pregnancy and down-regulated in the gravid d18.0 Cox-1 KO mouse

From: Identification of 9 uterine genes that are regulated during mouse pregnancy and exhibit abnormal levels in the cyclooxygenase-1 knockout mouse

Gene Symbol Genbank Cox-1 KO vs WT1 Fold (d19/d13.5)a
Klk6 NM_010639 -1.5 -2.5
Gem NM_010276 -1.5 -2.0
Cftr NM_021050 -1.5 2.5
Atp8a1 NM_009727 -1.6 11.0
Tnni2 NM_009405 -1.6 -5.0
  1. 1COX-1 KO (knockout) mouse compared to WT (wild-type) by microarray analysis. aBethin et al. 2003; fold difference in wild-type gravid mouse uterus on d19.0 compared to d13.5 by microarray. p values are all < 0.05