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Figure 4

From: Distinct phospholipase A2 enzymes regulate prostaglandin E2 and F2alpha production by bovine endometrial epithelial cells

Figure 4

Oxytocin and interferon-tau differentially regulate expression of PLA2 enzymes. BEE cells were treated for 6 h with vehicle (control, lane 1), 50 ng IFNT (lane 2), 1000 ng IFNT (lane 3), oxytocin (lane 4), oxytocin plus 50 ng IFNT (lane 5), and oxytocin plus 1000 ng IFNT (lane 6). Western blot analyses were performed on cellular proteins using antibodies against A, PLA2G6; B, PLA2G4C and C, PLA2G4A as described in the Methods.

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