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Table 2 Serum levels of miglustat in selected strains/species.

From: The sensitivity of murine spermiogenesis to miglustat is a quantitative trait: a pharmacogenetic study

Species Mouse Rabbit
Strain C57BL/6 FVB/N Russen-kaninchen
Dose (mg/kg/day) 15 15 50
Serum level (μM) 0.49 ± 0.26 0.61 ± 0.17 8.39 ± 5.38
Fertility (fertile/total) 0/6 6/6 5/5
  1. Miglustat was administered to both strains of mice via a miniosmotic pump and miglustat was given to rabbits via their food. Male mice were caged with 2 single females subsequently at week 5 and 6. Male rabbits were mated to one female each. Serum levels were determined from blood serum by means of LC/MS. Data are expressed as means ± SD.