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Figure 14 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Figure 14

From: Differential expression of members of the E2F family of transcription factors in rodent testes

Figure 14

Chart of immunohistochemical staining of E2F-4, in cells and stages of rat seminiferous tubule cycle. The width of shading indicates intensity of staining. Abbreviations: As = spermatogonial stem cell, As-pr = paired spermatogonia, As-pr-al = paired and aligned spermatogonia, Aal-n = aligned spermatogonia of n number of cells, An = differentiated type A spermatogonia entering synchronised division number n, In = intermediate type spermatogonia, B = B-type spermatogonia which undergo final mitotic division before replication and division for Meiosis I, Pl = preleptotene, L = leptotene, Z = zygotene, P = pachythene, m = meiosis, In = intermediate, and Sc = Sertoli cell.

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