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Table 1 Sequence accession number, cDNA source or expression data and sequence identity with rainbow trout (rt) PGMRC1 of vertebrate PGMRC1 and PGMRC2 proteins. The tissues exhibiting a predominant expression are underlined.

From: Two unrelated putative membrane-bound progestin receptors, progesterone membrane receptor component 1 (PGMRC1) and membrane progestin receptor (mPR) beta, are expressed in the rainbow trout oocyte and exhibit similar ovarian expression patterns

Protein GenBank # Species Tissue expression data or cDNA source % sequence identity with rtPGMRC1 (AAL49963)
PGMRC1 NP_006658 human heart, brain, placenta, lung, liver, skin, kidney, pancreas 72 %
  NP_999076 porcine brain, liver, lung, kidney, spermatozoa 71%
  O55022 mouse liver 71%
  NP_068534 rat brain, liver 68%
  CAG31527 chicken 2-week embryo 67%
  AAH76926 Xenopus tropicalis whole body (male) 74%
  AAH72727 Xenopus laevis embryo 75%
  CAF97306 Tetraodon nigroviridis - 77%
  AAH85558 zebrafish liver 89%
PGMRC2 AAH92478 human heart, brain, placenta, lung, liver, skin, kidney, pancreas 60%
  AAH44759 mouse mammary tumor 59%
  NP_001008375 rat - 59%
  XP_420466 chicken - 59%
  AAH64268 Xenopus tropicalis embryo (tailbud) 62%
  AAH81155 Xenopus laevis brain 60%
  CAG03786 Tetraodon nigroviridis - 63%
  AAH53415 zebrafish whole body 60%