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Table 2 Different aspects of sex differentiation in marsupials

From: Molecular patterns of sex determination in the animal kingdom: a comparative study of the biology of reproduction

  Y chromosome (testes) No Y chromosome (absence of testes)
One X chromosome (scrotum) XY XO
  Male animals with scrotum and testes Animals without testes and an empty scrotum instead of a pouch
Two X chromosomes (pouch and mammary glands) XXY XX
  Animals with testes and a pouch with mammary glands instead of scrotum Female animals with a pouch and mammary glands
  1. The marsupial Y has the ability to turn the undifferentiated gonads into testes, but other aspects of sex differentiation seem to rely on the number of X chromosomes present. This is how we come across the above combinations in sex chromosome aneuploidies in marsupials.