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Figure 6

From: Co-activator p120 is increased by gonadotropins in the rat ovary and enhances progesterone receptor activity

Figure 6

In situ hybridization of p120 mRNA in the immature rat ovary. Ovaries from 21-day-old immature rats were dissected, sectioned and hybridized with 35S-labeled cRNA probes. All sections were shown by both dark-field illumination and bright-field photomicrographs of hematoxylin-staining. (A) Sections from untreated ovaries hybridized with p120 (a, b) or ER-beta (c, d) antisense probes, (B) PMSG treatment for 6 h hybridized with p120 (e, f) or ER-beta (h, i) antisense probes. Sections were also hybridized with sense probes (g, j), (C) PMSG treatment for 24 h hybridized with p120 (k, l) or ER-beta (m, n), (D) hCG treatment for 4 h after PMSG treatment hybridized with p120 (o, p) or PR (r, s) or sense probes (q, t). Original magnification was × 100. Scale bars, 0.1 mm.

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