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Figure 5 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Figure 5

From: Co-activator p120 is increased by gonadotropins in the rat ovary and enhances progesterone receptor activity

Figure 5

Activation of nuclear hormone receptors with p120. CV-1 cells were transfected as described in Materials and Methods with cGREx2/pGL3-TK and hAR (hAR/pSG5), or with cGREx2/pGL3-TK and hPR (hPR/pcDNA3) in the presence or absence of human p120 (a), ERE-TATA/pGL2 and rER-alpha (rER-alpha/pSV2), or ERE-TATA/pGL2 and rER-beta (rER-beta/pSG5) in the presence or absence of rat p120 (b). Ligands for each nuclear receptor (10-8M testosterone propionate, 10-8M progesterone, 10-8M estradiol, and 10-7M estradiol) were also added to the cultures. Each value represents the mean ± SEM of 4 independent transfection experiments. *P < 0.01 by Student's t test.

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