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Table 1 The scale used for evaluation of metallothionein and RCAS1 expression.

From: Comparison of RCAS1 and metallothionein expression and the presence and activity of immune cells in human ovarian and abdominal wall endometriomas

Antigen Immunoreactivity
  0 +1 +2 +3
RCAS1 No reactivity Weak (when observed any, also granular in paranuclear region) cytoplasmic staining pattern in up to 10% of positive cells Marked cytoplasmic (sometimes together with membranous) staining in 11–30% of the cells High expression – more than 30% of positive cells
Metallothionein Lack of any positivity Weak staining in less than 5% of the cells Moderate – various staining intensity but in <50% of the cells, Strong – staining of more than 50% of the cells.