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Table 1 The protocol for hormone administration of none, one or two primings for female Bufo baxteri and the hormone type and concentration. No females ovulated when administered a single normally ovulatory hormone dose (500 IU hCG plus 4 micrograms of LHRHa) in the absence of priming (No priming). Nor did females ovulate when administered only an anovulatory hormone dose (100 IU hCG and 0.8 micrograms of LHRHa; One priming), or the normally inducing ovulatory dose and then after 72 hrs the anovulatory dose (Two primings). Females receiving both one and two primings were given thier anovulatory dose 96 hrs before the final ovulating dose resulting in a total time of 168 hrs for females receiving two primings.

From: Hormonal priming, induction of ovulation and in-vitro fertilization of the endangered Wyoming toad (Bufo baxteri)

   Hormone concentration   
Treatment Priming dose Priming dose Ovulatory dose Result
Time (hours) 0 hrs 72 hrs 168 hrs  
No priming 500 IU hCG + 4 μg LHRHa    No ovulation
One priming   100 IU hCG + 0.8 μg LHRHa 500 IU hCG + 4 μg LHRHa Ovulation
Two primings 500 IU hCG + 4 μg LHRHa 100 IU hCG + 0.8 μg LHRHa 500 IU hCG + 4 μg LHRHa Ovulation