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Table 3 Several genes involved in lung development and expressed with no sex difference

From: Sexually dimorphic gene expression that overlaps maturation of type II pneumonocytes in fetal mouse lungs

FGF signaling pathway   TGF-beta signaling pathway Surfactant associated proteins Others
Spry Fgfbp1 Tgfb1 Sftpa Egfr
Fgf1 Fgfr1op2 Tgfb2 Sftpb Igf1
Fgf7 Fgfrap1 Tgfb3 Sftpc  
Fgf13 Akr1b8 Tgfbr1 Sftpd  
Fgf18 Fgfrl1 Tgfbr2   
Fgfr1   Tgfbr3