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Figure 5

From: Placentation in the paca (Agouti paca L)

Figure 5

Subplacenta, junctional zone and pedicle of the paca placenta. (A) Subplacenta. A layer of cytotrophoblasts (cy tr) is supported on lamellae of fetal mesenchyme (fm). Beneath it is the subplacental syncytiotrophoblast (sy tr). Gomori's trichrome. (B) Groups of multinucleated giant cells with a finely granular cytoplasm are found between the subplacenta and decidua. They are bordered by connective tissue. Masson's trichrome. (C) Middle portion of the placental pedicle, showing a large number of maternal blood vessels (mbv) and connective tissue fibers (ct). Haematoxylin and eosin. Scale bars: 20 μm (A-B); 200 μm (C).

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