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Figure 5

From: Diabetes (db/db) mutation-induced endometrial epithelial lipoapoptosis: Ultrastructural and cytochemical analysis of reproductive tract atrophy

Figure 5

Photomicrograph (× 2000) of the db/db uterine endometrial epithelial (EE Layer) cell layer and underlying endometrial stroma (UT Endomet) demonstrating the coincident events of hypercytolipidemia (Lp: yellow fluorescent depositions) and TUNEL-labeled (T: black stain indicator) nuclear (n) co-localized within affected cells. The infiltration of the nuclear envelope by hyperlipidemic vacuole pools was denoted in epithelial cells that demonstrated ultrastructural (Figures 3-4) or cytochemical (Figure 4) indicators of apoptotic cytoatrophy.

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