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Figure 1

From: Diabetes (db/db) mutation-induced endometrial epithelial lipoapoptosis: Ultrastructural and cytochemical analysis of reproductive tract atrophy

Figure 1

Photomicrographic (x400) comparisons of representative control (+/+:A) and diabetes (db/db)-mutant (B) uterine endometrial epithelial tissue layers by HRLM analysis, depicting the normal, sub-nuclear (n: arrow line) basal pole lipid (Lb) pools typical of +/+ groups located adjacent to the underlying stromal basal lamina (bl), as compared with the dramatic expansions of Lb and apical pole lipid (La) pools in db/db (B) groups. By digital enhancement of cytochemical lipid (triglyceride) pools in +/+ (C) and db/db (D) groups, the sub- and supra-nuclear cytoplasmic lipid pool expansions in db/db groups (D) were accentuated relative to the cytoplasmic volume and distribution patterns of lipid vacuoles in control specimens (C). (Technical Note: Enzymatic incubation of tissue sections, as described in the Materials & Methods section, for cytochemical and TUNEL-labeling is responsible for a moderate reduction in image resolution presented in Figures 1, 4, and 5, represents an intrinsic technical limitation associated with co-localization analysis of hyperlipidemia and apoptosis indices within tissue preparations.)

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