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Table 3 Differentially expressed genes in IL11Ra-/- uterus compared to wild type at 18 h of decidualization

From: Uterine extracellular matrix components are altered during defective decidualization in interleukin-11 receptor α deficient mice

AGRF ID GenBank Accession UniGene Cluster Gene Fold Change P Value
H3084H06 BG070211 Mm.25335 EST: Cdc14b: CDC14 cell division cycle 14 homolog B (S. cerevisiae) + 3.1 0.044
H3137G08 BG074662 Mm.197274 EST: Moderately similar to GNMSLL retrovirus-related reverse transcriptase homolog – mouse retrotransposon (M. musculus) + 3.0 0.046
H3123E03 BG073512 Mm.197252 EST: Weakly similar to TLM MOUSE TLM PROTEIN (M. musculus) + 2.9 0.047
H3073G12 BG069200 Mm.328026 EST: Transcribed sequence with moderate similarity to protein ref:NP_083358.1 (M. musculus); RIKEN cDNA 5830411J07 + 2.5 0.038
H3082G05 AU014577 Not assigned EST + 2.1 0.032