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Figure 2

From: Analysis of Maxi-K alpha subunit splice variants in human myometrium

Figure 2

Maxi-K α subunit mRNA expression analysed by quantitative real-time PCR. Results shown represent mean (± standard error of the mean, SEM) copy number values for (A) total Maxi-K α subunit (represented by the 3' conserved region), and β-actin, and (B) the 132 bp and 87 bp alternatively spliced exons of the Maxi-K α subunit. Copy number values were obtained based on product-specific serially-diluted cDNA standards, generated individually for each amplicon of interest. Tissue sets are indicated by striped columns (non-pregnant, NP), black columns (pregnant not-in-labour, PNL) and open columns (pregnant in-labour, PL).

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