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Table 4 Nonclassical targets for members of the PRL family

From: The prolactin and growth hormone families: Pregnancy-specific hormones/cytokines at the maternal-fetal interface

Biological Targets Ligands (function) References
Endothelial cells PLF (angiogenic)
PLF-RP (anti-angiogenic)
16kDa-PRL (anti-angiogenic)
104, 112–115
Hematopoietic precursors PLP-E and PLP-F (promote erythrocyte and megakaryocyte development) 105–107
Natural killer cells PLP-A (modulator of the uterine natural killer cell phenotype) 108, 109
Eosinophils Decidual PRP (unknown) 71
Hepatocytes PLP-C, PLP-N (unknown) S. Ohboshi, J. Bustamante, M.J. Soares, unpublished results