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Table 3 Members of the primate PRL and GH gene families

From: The prolactin and growth hormone families: Pregnancy-specific hormones/cytokines at the maternal-fetal interface

Member Abbreviation Human GenBank Accession No. Rhesus Monkey GenBank Accession No.
Prolactin family member    
   Prolactin PRL NM_000948 U09018
Growth hormone family members*    
   Growth hormone-N GH-N NM_000515 L16556
   Chorionic somatomammotropin-L CS-L, rhCS3 NM_001318 L16554
   Chorionic somatomammotropin-A CS-A, rhCS1 NM_001317 L16552
   Growth hormone variant GH-V NM_002059 U02293
   Chorionic somatomammotropin-B CS-B, rhCS2 NM_020991 L16553
  1. *Please note that it is difficult to precisely assign orthologs for the human and rhesus monkey CS genes and that multiple transcripts have been identified for each human GH family member. GenBank accession numbers are only presented for transcript variant 1.