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Table 2 Members of the bovine and ovine PRL and GH gene families

From: The prolactin and growth hormone families: Pregnancy-specific hormones/cytokines at the maternal-fetal interface

Member Abbreviation Bovine GenBank Accession No. Ovine GenBank Accession No.
Prolactin family members*    
   Prolactin PRL V00112 M27057
   Placental lactogen PL NM_181007 M31660
   Prolactin related protein-I PRP-I NM_174159 ---
   Prolactin related protein-II PRP-II M27239 ---
   Prolactin related protein-III PRP-III NM_174160 ---
   Prolactin related protein-IV PRP-IV M33269 ---
   Prolactin related protein-V PRP-V X15975 ---
   Prolactin related protein-VI PRP-VI X59504 ---
Growth hormone family members    
   Growth hormone GH NM_180996 AH005460
   Growth hormone2-Z GH2-Z --- AH005492
  1. *Please note that the list of bovine and ovine PRL family members is probably not complete. Additional bovine PRL family members and possibly ovine PRL members may be discovered as bovine and ovine genome projects move forward.