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Table 1 Various interspecies biological effects of relaxins relevant to known physiological actions.

From: Biology of primate relaxin: A paracrine signal in early pregnancy?

Relaxin Species a Test species/system Biological effect Reference
Human Adult NHP ↑ Prolactin and growth hormone secretion [186]
  Neonatal NHP uterine cells ↑ cAMP production [187]
  Prepubertal pig ↑ E-cadherin expression and uterine epithelial cell growth [18]
  Non-pregnant rat myometrium ↓ Vassopressin induced contraction [189]
  Rat uterine artery ↑ Nitric oxide production
↓ Phenylepherine induced contraction
  Rat kidney ↑ Glomerular filtration rate
↓ Renal vascular resistance
  Mouse endometrial stromal cells ↑ Protein synthesis
↑ Laminin production
Marmoset Human stromal cells, THP-1 monocytes ↑ cAMP production [21]
Porcine Rat ↑ Uterine/body weight ratio [193]
  Mouse ↑ interpubic ligament length [194]
Guinea Pig Adult NHP endometrium ↑ Thickness
↑ Vascularization
Wallaby Human THP-1 monocytes ↑ cAMP production [5]
  1. a = native, synthetic or prohormone. cAMP = cyclic adenosine monophosphate, NHP = non-human primate.