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Table 1 Basic Properties of Prostate Cell Lines.

From: Changes in extracellular matrix (ECM) and ECM-associated proteins in the metastatic progression of prostate cancer

Cell Line Origin Androgen Responsiveness Tumorigenicity
NbE1.4 [151154] Normal rat ventral prostate Androgen sensitive None
P69 [148, 149] Normal Human prostate Androgen independent Very poor
DU-145 [147] Human brain metastasis Androgen independent High
LNCaP [145] Human lymph node metastasis Androgen sensitive Low
C4-2* [113, 144] Human castrated mice Androgen refractory High with bone metastases
VCaP [150] Human bone metastasis Androgen sensitive High
PC-3 [146] Human bone metastasis Androgen independent High
  1. *This cell line was derived from the original co-inoculation of LNCaP and bone stromal cells in mice. References for each cell line are as follows: LNCaP (Lymph Node Carcinoma of the Prostate), PC-3 (Prostate Cancer-3), DU-145 (Dura-145), and VCaP (Vertebral-Cancer of the Prostate).