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Table 1 Gene ID, RefSeq accession number and known aliases of 23 beta-defensins

From: Androgenic regulation of beta-defensins in the mouse epididymis

Gene name Gene ID RefSeqaccession number known aliases
defb1 13214 NM_007843.3 AL590630.1, AW260221, BD-1
defb12 77674 NM_152802.3 9230103N16Rik, BD-12
defb13 246083 NM_139223.3 AL590619.7, BD-13
defb15 246082 NM_139222.3 AL590619.5, BD-15
defb18 654460 NM_001039123.1 BD-18, EG654460, mBD-18
defb19 246700 NM_145157.3 BD-19, Defb24, Tdl, mBD-19
defb20 319579 NM_176950.3 RP23-453 K8.4, BD-20, mBD-20
defb22 442835 NM_001002791.2 RP23-453 K8.5, 9230002F21Rik
defb25 654459 NM_001039122.1 RP23-35I8.8, BD-25, mBD-25
defb29 75400 NM_001001444.2 RP23-35I8.1, BD-29, mBD-29
defb30 73670 NM_001039566.2 BD-30, mBD-30
defb34 360211 NM_183035.1 BD-34
defb35 246084 NM_139224.1 BD-35
defb37 353320 NM_181683.2 BD-37
defb39 360214 NM_183038.2 BD-39
defb40 360217 NM_183039.3 BD-40
defb41 77673 NM_183124.3 Bd-41, Defb16
defb42 619548 NM_001034910.3 Defb44
defb45 433490 NM_001037752.2 Defb27;
defb51 100503992 NM_001025353.2 Gm6040, EG574083
defb52 100504014 NM_001177471.1 Gm15056
spag11a 78128 NM_153115.1 Bin1b, EP2Q, EP2e, Spag11
spag11b/c 546038 NM_001039563.3 Ep2c/h; EG546038; Spag11c/h