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Table 1 Our center’s 2010 - 2012 age-specific clinical IVF outcome data by “intent to treat”*/** for women 40 years and older

From: The “graying” of infertility services: an impending revolution nobody is ready for

Age (years) Live birth rate (%) Clinical pregnancy rate (%) if different
40 15.4  
41 42.9  
42 6.3 18.8
43 0.0 16.7
44 1.4 5.4
45 2.7 5.4
46-53 0.0  
  1. *“Intent to treat” reflects denominator of per cycle start for each age group. A total of 233 IVF cycles are reported. Because of an ~20% cycle cancellation rate before embryo transfer, reports based on patients reaching embryo transfer of at least 1 embryo would demonstrate ~ 20% higher clinical pregnancy and live birth rates.
  2. **Miscarriages reflect only established clinical pregnancies, confirmed by ultrasound by presence of at least one intrauterine gestational sac. Chemical and ectopic pregnancies are not considered in here presented data.