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Figure 2 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Figure 2

From: Interplacental uterine expression of genes involved in prostaglandin synthesis during canine pregnancy and at induced prepartum luteolysis/abortion

Figure 2

Expression of PGF2α receptor (FP, PTGFR) and of PGE2 receptors, EP2 (PTGER2) and EP4 (PTGER4). Expression of FP (PTGFR) and of EP2 and EP4 (PTGER2 and PTGER4, respectively) was determined by Real Time (TaqMan) PCR (mean ± SD) in the interplacental sites of canine uterus from the pre-implantation period until mid-gestation (A,C,E) and during Aglepristone®-induced luteolysis/abortion (B,D,F, compared with the mid-gestation group as non-treated control). Bars with different asterisks differ either at P < 0.01 in (A) or at P < 0.05 in (C,D).

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