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Table 1 Pulp mill description and operating procedures

From: Ovulation but not milt production is inhibited in fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) exposed to a reproductively inhibitory pulp mill effluent

Pulping Brightening agent Furnish Product Production Water usage Primary treatment Secondary treatment
TMP deinked pulp Na2S2O4/H2O2 25-30% fir, 70-75% spruce Newsprint 889 t/d 32 m3/t Flotation1 SBR
   Deinked pulp: > 80% ONP      
  1. 1Treats only 15-20% of primary effluent flow in flotation units.
  2. TMP thermomechanical pulp; ONP old newspaper; SBR air activated sludge in sequential batch reactor.