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Figure 3

From: Early detection and staging of spontaneous embryo resorption by ultrasound biomicroscopy in murine pregnancy

Figure 3

Embryo resorptions R1, R4, R7, R15 and R16. (A) R1, day 7. The resorption site with small embryonic cavity (arrow) lacking a well defined ectoplacental cone. (B) R1, day 8. Embryonic fluid with increased echodensity. (C) R1, day 8. Maternal hemorrhage in the giant trophoblast ring and spongious trophoblast in the transition zone. The former placental site is composed of fibrinous tissue infiltrated with maternal granulocytes (Arrow). (D) R7, day 8. Embryo with ill defined morphology. (E) R7, day 9, scanned post mortem in the water bath. The embryo has disappeared. (F) R7, day 9. The embryo and its membranes except for the Reichert's membrane have disappeared. The former embryonic cavity is filled with denaturated proteins. There is a massive maternal hemorrhage between the giant trophoblast and the Reichert's membrane. The central artery is filled with blood. (G) Placenta of R7. Embryonic erythrocytes are absent in the allantois but maternal lyomphocytes, neutrophils and erythrocytes are present. (H) Growth retarded embryo R15, day 9. (I) R15, day 10. The embryo exhibited a reduced heart rate. Pericardial effusion is evident. (J) R16, day 11. The heartbeat has ceased. Pericardium, amnion and yolk sac can be differentiated. (K) R15, day 10. All embryonic membranes are visible, but the yolk sac is devoid of blood islands. The placental morphology is normal. (L) R15, day 10. Magnification of areas outlined in (K). Umbilical connection filled with fetal erythrocytes (yellow rectangle). Maternal blood with high proportion of immune cells between Reichert’s membrane and giant trophoblast (green rectangle). Al – Allantois; AC – Amniotic cavity; CA – Central artery; DB - Decidua basalis; DC - Decidua capsularis; EC- Embryonic cavity; Em- Embryo; GT – Giant trophoblasts; La – Labyrinth; Ly – Lymphocytes; ME - Maternal erythrocytes; Ne – Neutrophils; Pl – Placenta; RM – Reichert's membrane; UC – Umbilical connection; YS – Yolk sac.

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