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Figure 1

From: Characterizing semen parameters and their association with reactive oxygen species in infertile men

Figure 1

Box Plots for semen parameters of Donors vs. Infertile Patients. Box plots comparing between All Donors, Proven Donors and Proven Donors <2 years and All Patients for concentration (A-C); motility (D-F) and morphology (G-I) and ROS levels in J: All Donors and All Patients; K: Proven Donors and All Patients; L: Proven Donors <2 years and All Patients. The box plots show the width and the whiskers. The width of the box is proportional to the size of the group. The bottom and the top of the box represent the 25th and 75th percentile. The band in the box is the median. The whiskers represent the standard deviation. These box plots show that concentration, motility, and morphology vary between 3 groups of donors and patients

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