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Table 1 Summary of studies with pre/post-treatment AMH measurements in young women undergoing chemotherapy (CT)

From: Serum AMH level as a marker of acute and long-term effects of chemotherapy on the ovarian follicular content: a systematic review

Study Cancer Number of patients Conclusion
Lutchman-Singh, 2007 [46] Breast 22 -AMH post-CT < AMH pre-CT
    -AMH pre-CT = AMH in age-matched controls
Lie Fong, 2008 [49] Haematological 25 -AMH post-CT < AMH pre-CT
    -AMH pre-CT < AMH in older controls
Aslam, 2011 [47] All types 8 -AMH post-CT < AMH pre-CT
    -AMH post-CT < AMH in age-matched controls with the same follow-up
Lawrenz, 2012 [48] Lymphoma 38 -AMH post-CT < AMH pre-CT
-AMH pre-CT < AMH in age-matched controls
    -Number of retrieved oocyte for cryopreservervation in lymphoma < retrieved oocytes in women with breast cancer