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Figure 1

From: Sex-specific expression of CTNNB1 in the gonadal morphogenesis of the chicken

Figure 1

Comparison of relative expression and localization of CTNNB1 mRNA and protein in male embryonic gonads during embryogenesis and reproductive organs from male chickens. [A] Relative changes in CTNNB1 mRNA expression were determined using quantitative RT-PCR. The asterisks denote statistically significant differences (***P < 0.001). [B] Cell-specific localization of CTNNB1 mRNA was determined using in situ hybridization analysis. Cross sections of left and right gonads from E6 to E18 in male embryos and testes from 12-week-old and adult chickens were hybridized with antisense or sense cRNA probes. [C] Immunoreactive CTNNB1 protein during the development of chicken male gonad. For the IgG control, normal rabbit IgG was substituted for the primary antibody. Legend: M medullar region, C cortex region, Sc seminiferous cord, S Sertoli cells. Scale bar represents 100 μm. See Methods for a complete description of the methods.

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