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Table 3 Identification of proteins unique to ROS+ and ROS- groups and those common to both groups

From: Proteomic analysis of seminal fluid from men exhibiting oxidative stress

Protein name Gene NCBI accession no. UniProt accession no. NSC ratio Log2 NSC ratio
fibronectin 1 isoform b precursor FN1 16933542 P02751 ROS- only  
macrophage migration inhibitory factor-1 peptide MIF 4505185 P14174 ROS- only  
galectin 3 binding protein LGALS3BP 5031863 Q08380 ROS- only  
cystatin S precursor CST4 4503109 P01036 ROS+ only  
albumin preprotein ALB 4502027 P02768 ROS+ only  
lactotransferrin precursor-1 peptide LTF 54607120 P02788 ROS+ only  
prostate specific antigen isoform 4 preprotein KLK3 71834855 P07288 ROS+ only  
prolactin induced protein PIP 4505821 P12273 12.711 3.668
semenogelin II precursor SEMG2 4506885 Q02383 1.338 0.420
acid phosphatase, prostate short isoform precursor ACPP 6382064 P15309 1.063 0.088
clusterin preprotein CLU 355594753 P10909 0.753 −0.409
zinc alpha-2-glycoprotein 1 AZGP1 4502337 P25311 0.354 −1.498
prostate specific antigen isoform 1 preprotein KLK3 4502173 Q546G3 0.124 −3.012
semenogelin I isoform a preprotein SEMG1 4506883 P04279 0.032 −4.966
  1. FN1 Fibronectin 1 isoform 3 preprotein, MIF macrophage migration inhibitory factor-1 peptide/factor protein, LGALS3BP Galectin-3 binding protein, CST4 cystatin S-type 4, ALB Albumin, LTF Lactoferrin, KLK3 Prostate specific antigen, PIP Prolactin-inducing protein, SEMG2 Semenogelin-II, ACPP Prostatic acid phosphatase / prostatic specific acid phosphatase, CLU Clusterin, AZGP1 Zinc-alpha-2-glycoprotein 1, SEMG1 Semenogelin-I.