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Figure 4 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Figure 4

From: Proteomic analysis of seminal fluid from men exhibiting oxidative stress

Figure 4

Known or predicted protein-protein interaction network for seminal plasma proteins, A: 8 of 14 proteins interactions identified by STRING analyses were based on ‘experimental evidence’ and/or ‘curated pathway databases’. B. Five proteins regulated by androgen receptor were identified through Metacore analysis; red shaded circles = upregulated proteins; blue circle = downregulated proteins, the shaded indicates the intensity of the regulation, C: Consolidated direct interaction network evidenced from 3 data sources (IPA, Metacore and STRING) showing that amongst 12 of 14 proteins, the central players were FN1, KLK3, and AR, all of which are connected to the majority of these proteins.

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