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Table 2 Number of GC recovered and the percentage of samples lost due to visible blood contamination, low number of GC (<100,000 cells), or E2/P4 ratio lower than 1

From: In vivo collection of follicular fluid and granulosa cells from individual follicles of different diameters in cattle by an adapted ovum pick-up system

End Point Hosltein Gir
Number of GC recovered 615,054 ± 58,122a 450,095 ± 36,047b
Total RNA extracted (ng/μL) 8.8 ± 0.7 9.8 ± 1.7
% of samples lost due to:   
Visible blood contamination 11.4% (5/44)a 14.9% (11/77)a
Low number of GC 4.5% (2/44) a 3.9% (3/77) a
E2/P4 lower than 1 4.5% (2/44)a 3.9% (3/77)a
  1. a, bThe means without a common superscript in the same column differed by Tukey’s test (P < 0.05).