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Table 1 The number and diameter of granules of gonadotropin cells in boars immunized with MBPGnRH-I6

From: Immunization against recombinant GnRH-I alters ultrastructure of gonadotropin cell in an experimental boar model

Group Diameter of granules (nm) The number of granules
  Large Small Large Small
MBP-GnRH-I6 259.27±31.75A 157.75±19.45 A 26.72±4.08 A 152.56±9.78 A
MBP 416.29±32.12B 216.89±17.19B 68.89±7.05B 201.05±12.89B
  1. All data were shown as mean ± SD. Different superscripted letters in the column indicate a significant difference (P<0.05).