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Table 1 Study characteristics of controlled studies (both RCT and non-RCTs) of DHEA supplementation in poor-responders or diminished ovarian reserve

From: Efficacy of dehydroepiandrosterone to improve ovarian response in women with diminished ovarian reserve: a meta-analysis

Articles Study design Inclusion criteria Cases/ Controls Intervention (DHEA doses and duration) Stimulation protocol Embryo transfer Outcomes Notes
Barad D, et al. (2007) Case–control POA defined by age-specific baseline FSH levels > 95% CI of mean value for the age group; but < 12 mIU/ml DOR defined as baseline FSH > 12 mIU/ml and/or estradiol level ≥ 75 pg/ml 89 cases* and 101 controls *only 64 of 89 undergoing IVF Cases : DHEA 25 mg three times daily for mean duration 73 days continuously until -Allow cases to conceive naturally; the other entered IVF using microdose agonist Day 3 embryo transfer -Clinical pregnancy rate -No. of retrieved oocytes -Implantation rate -Miscarriage rate -Normal day 3 embryos -Time from initial visit to pregnancy (Cox regression analysis) -Cases were slightly older (P < 0.05) -Fertility treatments were different (P < 0.001) -Women in control entered IVF cycle more rapidly
   positive pregnancy test flare followed by high dose FSH + HMG (300–450 + 150 IU)    
   Control : None -Similar protocol for both cases/controls    
Wiser A, et al. (2010) RCT (open- labeled) Age ≤ 41 yr, Poor response, previous IVF cycle with high dose Gn (FSH 300 IU) with oocyte <5 or cycle cancellation 17 Cases Cases : DHEA 75 mg/day orally ≥ 6 weeks before stimulation - Similar protocol for both cases/controls Day 2–3 embryo transfer -Peak estradiol levels Counted 55 IVF from 33 patients (both arms went through
  16 Controls Control : None - Standard long GnRH agonist protocol Up to 3 embryos -No. of retrieved oocytes Including of repeat cycles without adjustment of randomisation
    - Using rFSH 450 IU + rLH 150 IU   -Embryo quality and No. of reserve embryo  
Gleicher N, et al. (2010) Case–control DOR defined by abnormally age specific hormone levels deviated from 95% CI; elevated FSH or low AMH 22 Cases Cases : DHEA 25 mg three times daily At least 4 weeks before stimulation Microdose agonist flare followed by high dose FSH + HMG (300–450 + 150 IU) Not being stated -Pregnancy and live birth rates (secondary outcome) Clinical pregnancy rate, miscarriage and No. of oocyte retrieved (our outcomes) are not the main outcome of the study.
    44 matched Controls (1st single IVF cycle analysis only)   -Similar protocol for both cases/controls Pregnancy was not outcome of interest -Aneuploidy rate  
     Control : None    -No. of oocytes retrieved  
        -Total gonadotropin dosage  
  1. *POA: Premature Ovarian Aging, DOR: Diminished Ovarian Reserve.