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Figure 2 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Figure 2

From: Successful implantation after reducing matrix metalloproteinase activity in the uterine cavity

Figure 2

A schedule of the MMP tests, the medication and the next embryo transfer. According to the results of the first MMP test, all the patients were divided into two groups, Group N (Panel a) and Group P (Panel b). Group P patients who had shown a positive result had a two-week treatment composed of antibiotics and corticosteroids at the next proliferative phase (panel b). After the treatment, Group P patients had the 2nd MMP test at the mid luteal phase of the same cycle, whereas Group N patients did not have the 2nd test (Panel a). In the subsequent cycle (the next cycle after the completion of the treatment), Group P patients had the next embryo transfers.

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