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Table 2 Follicle count of bilateral ovaries in the 6 groups

From: Combination of a GnRH agonist with an antagonist prevents flare-up effects and protects primordial ovarian follicles in the rat ovary from cisplatin-induced toxicity: a controlled experimental animal study

Groups n Primordial follicle Growing follicle Mature follicle Total
Control 12 370.5±6.9 235.3±31.1 54.6±17.1 660±24.4
CDDP 12 136.5±23.1a 28.6±4.7a 9.1±6.3a 174.2±32.5a
GnRHa 12 213.2±22.3abc 41.6±12.3a 13±10.6a 267.8±34.2abc
GnRHant 12 227.5±8.9abc 71.5±12.0ab 19.5±6.8ab 318.5±6.9abc
  1. aP<0.01 vs. control group; bP<0.01 vs. CDDP group; cP<0.01 vs. combination (lng) group; dP<0.05 vs. CDDP group.
  2. Data are expressed as the mean ± standard error.