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Figure 1

From: Associations among serum pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines, metabolic mediators, body condition, and uterine disease in postpartum dairy cows

Figure 1

Mean ± SEM serum concentrations of adiponectin, leptin, tumor necrosis factor-α, interleukin 6, interleukin 1β, insulin, and insulin like growth factor-1 in uterine inflammatory condition categories* in dairy cows with low and high body condition‡ during peripartum. *Refer Table 1 for definition of uterine inflammatory condition; ‡Body condition score: from 1 (emaciated) to 5 (obese); Refer Table 4. Week 0: week of calving; MET: Metritis; CE: Clinical endometritis; SCE: Subclinical endometritis; NOR: Normal; LBCS – Lower (2 and 2.5) body condition score; HBCS: Higher (3 to 4) body condition score. Within a uterine inflammatory condition categories, means differ between weeks (P < 0.05). Within body condition score categories means differ between weeks (P < 0.05). Within a week, means differ between uterine inflammatory condition and body condition score categories (P < 0.05); Refer Table 2 for significant differences.

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