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Figure 1

From: FSH prevents depletion of the resting follicle pool by promoting follicular number and morphology in fresh and cryopreserved primate ovarian tissues following xenografting

Figure 1

Experimental design. Recipient mice were ovarectomized (OV) bilaterally 2 weeks prior to transplantation (TP) of fresh or frozen adult marmoset ovarian tissue from various donor animals as detailed in Table 1. Mice assigned to the treatment groups received a twice daily i.m injection of recombinant human Follitropin beta (25 IU) for 6 days starting 1 week prior to sacrifice; control animals were left untreated. All animals were sacrificed for graft retrieval as indicated (red arrows) either 2 (8 animals in each group) or 4 weeks (8 animals in each group) post transplantation.

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