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Table 4 Estimates and description of top scored enriched categories of differentially regulated (eutopic-to-ectopic) co-expressed (DC) genes

From: Genome-wide expressions in autologous eutopic and ectopic endometrium of fertile women with endometriosis

Cluster identity (Total number of genes) [Number of genes with differential display: Up-regulated/Down-regulated]
Enriched category (p-value) Gene symbols of major candidate genes (Vector of differential)
Cluster 1, K1 (3210) [208: 120/88]
Cell cycle (<0.01) CCNB1, CDC45L, CENPF, NCAPD3, RAD51 (up);
  CCND2, MYL9, ORC6L, TNPO1 (down)
IGF-1 receptor signalling (<0.01) IGF2 (up), IGFBP5, CCND2 (down)
Cytoskeleton remodelling involving regulation of actin (<0.02) MYH9, MYL9 (down)
O-glycan biosynthesis (<0.02) GALNT1, GALNT7 (down)
Immune response(<0.02) PGR (up), CCND2 (down)
G-protein signalling in TC21 regulation pathway (<0.02) RRAS2 (up), RASGRP2 (down)
DNA damage (<0.03) NBN, RAD51 (up), CCND2 (down)
Neurite outgrowth (<0.05) MYH9, MYL9 (down)
Regulation of glucose and lipid metabolism (<0.05) CYP51A1, FOXA (up), TNPO1 (down)
G-protein signalling in Rap1 regulation pathway (<0.05) KRIT1 (up), RASGRP2 (down)
Progesterone action (<0.05) CCNB1, PGR (up)
Signal transduction:  
Erk interactions (<0.04) DUSP4 (up)
AKT signaling (<0.05) HSP90AA1 (up), CCDD2 (down)
Cluster 2, K2 (8194) [148: 0/148]
Immune response (0) ACTG1, C3, C4B, C1QB, HLA-C, PTPN11/SHP2 (down)
Cell adhesion (0) ACTG1, ITGB1, PTPN11/SHP2 (down)
Regulation of CFTR (0) ACTG1, HSPA8, PSMB1, TSG101, UBC (down)
Signal transduction involving activin A signalling regulation (0) BAMBI, H3F3A, UBC (down)
Slit-Robo signaling (<0.01) ACTG1, ROBO3 (down)
Cytoskeletal remodelling (<0.01) ACTG1, DSTN, RALGDS (down)
Glutathione metabolism (<0.01) GSTM5, MGST3 (down)
Chemotaxis (<0.02) ACTG1, GNG4, ITGB1 (down)
Apoptosis and survival (<0.02) HSPA8, ACTG1 (down)
Glucose and lipid metabolism (<0.03) APOE (down)
Neurite outgrowth (<0.03) ACTG1, DSTN (down)
N-glycan biosynthesis (<0.04) GALT, GANAB (down)
Cluster 3, K3 (6078) [102: 102/0]
Differentiation (0) PRKCG (up)
Transcriptional regulation of amino acid metabolism (0) MAX, PRKCG (up)
Androgen receptor nuclear signaling (<0.01) NCOA2/GRIP1, WNT16 (up)
Neurophysiological process associated with PGE2-induced pain processing (<0.01) GLRA3 (up)