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Table 2 Post mortem ovarian examination in delayed puberty gilts (n = 60)

From: Ovarian reaction and estrus manifestation in delayed puberty gilts after treatment with equine chorionic gonadotropin

Parameter Value
Average age at slaughter (days) 257.7 (250 – 268)
Sexually mature (cyclic) gilts1 66.7% (40/60)
Sexually immature (acyclic) gilts2 33.3% (20/60)
Average ovulation rate3 10.7 (6–14)
Average potential ovulation rate4 11.2 (5–18)
  1. 1Functional structures (PoF, CH, CL or CA) present on ovaries.
  2. 2Ovaries had follicles ≤ 7 mm in diameter and lacked any other ovarian structures.
  3. 3Average number of CH, CL or CA, present on both ovaries.
  4. 4Average ovulation rate (CH, CL or CA) + average number of preovulatory follicles (≥ 8 mm in diameter).