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Table 6 Proportions of female M. fasciolatus ovipositing after repeated induction attempts

From: Optimisation of an oviposition protocol employing human chorionic and pregnant mare serum gonadotropins in the Barred Frog Mixophyes fasciolatus (Myobatrachidae)

Number of times induction attempted 1 2 3
Number of females 29 20 6
Number of females ovipositing at least once 16 13 6
% females ovipositing at least once 55%a 65%a,b 100%b
Number of females ovipositing twice   5 (25%) 0
  1. Capacity of female M. fasciolatus held under captive conditions to oviposit after induction attempts on more than one occasion. The data are pooled from all induction attempts across all protocols. Repeated attempts at induction of oviposition were separated by resting periods of at least 2 months. Percentages with different superscripts on the same row are significantly (p<0.05) different.