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Figure 6 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Figure 6

From: Prostaglandin receptors EP and FP are regulated by estradiol and progesterone in the uterus of ovariectomized rats

Figure 6

Downregulation of EP and FP mRNA by estradiol, PPT and DPN. The relative mRNA expression levels of EP1, EP2, EP3, EP4 and FP as measured by real-time PCR in uteri from ovariectomized rats treated with estradiol (E2), PPT or DPN along with vehicle treated controls (OvxC). Box and whisker plots representing the median value with 50% of all data falling within the box. The whiskers extend to the 5th and 95th percentiles. Bars with asterisks are significantly (P < 0.05) different from OvxC.

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