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Table 3 Major discoveries in hCG assays or pregnancy tests 1930-1995 [135, 61]

From: hCG, the wonder of today's science

Year published Description Authors and reference
1930 First pregnancy test, the Zondek-Aschein Pregnancy Test Zondek B, Aschein S [55]
1960 First immunological pregnancy test, an antibody agglutination test Wide L, Gemzell CA [56]
1967 First hCG radioimmunoassay Aono T, Goldstein DP, Taymor ML, Dolch K [57]
1972 Discovery of hCGß radioimmunoassay, assay only detects hCG Vaitukaitis JL, Braunstein GD, Ross GF [58]
1984 First hCG radio-immunometric assay Armstrong EG, Ehrlich PH, Birken S, Schlatterer JP, Siris E, Hembree WE, Canfield RE [59]
1995 Automated hCG chemiluminescent-immunometric assay Vankrieken L, Hertogh RE [60]