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Table 2 HOXA11 transcript and protein levels in eutopic mid-luteal endometrium from infertile women with endometriosis, fertile women and infertile women with tubal occlusion

From: Expression of HOXA11 in the mid-luteal endometrium from women with endometriosis-associated infertility

Endometriosis Fertile women pc Tubal occlusion pd
Median (Range) Mean (± SD) Median (Range) Mean (± SD)   Median (Range) Mean (± SD)  
0.125 (0.0252- 0.469)a 0.155 ± 0.118a 0.246 (0.101- 8.669)a 1.449 ± 2.608a 0.003 0.322 (0.035- 7.266)a 0.922 ± 1.710a 0.041
0.694 (0.316- 3.772)b 1.023 ± 0.873b 1.385 (0.753-4.312)b 1.608 ± 0.889b 0.004 1.994 (0.837 - 5.859)b 1.570 ± 0.821b 0.001
  1. a The target mRNA levels were corrected to the amount of ACTB and GAPDH cDNA and expressed as multiplicity of these cDNA copies in the calibrator. bThe amount of Western blot-detected proteins was presented as the HOXA11-to-β-actin protein band optical density ratio. P values for cendometriosis vs fertile women or dendometriosis vs infertile women with tubal occlusion were assed by Mann-Whitney Rank Sum Test.